Artist's Statement - The Colors of the South of France

The Romans were not the first to fall in love with the south of France. We will not be the last to be charmed by her either. I hesitate to list the artists who beguiled by her beauty, people, color, form, and light have created the masterpieces we so admire. To walk where Van Gogh and Picasso could have been, to see what they might have seen, but with a digital camera and a 21st century mind is to be invited into a visual heaven.

Having photographed in the South of France frequently in the last three years, I have made numerous images. These pictures made in 2006 represent only a fraction of what moved me visually. They do capture for me what is the most mysterious---colors and forms that appear as if they came from the visual angels, those saints/ghosts who led Cezanne, Matisse, and others to such glories.



PHILLIP PERIMAN   February 2007